The Kid in the Tent {blogs that inspire}


February 26, 2013 by seekevingo

I just lost a good hour of productivity this morning after finding out about a new blog.

Marmot 2.1

The Kid In The Tent.

For Christmas, 10-yr-old LRC (his mom won’t let him use his real name), was given a tent…little did the gift giver realize what they had set off. LRC decided he loved his tent so much that he was going to spend every night this winter sleeping in his awesome new tent.

He’s doing just that…and blogging about it.

Admit it. If your kid asked you if they could sleep outside every night this winter you’d probably say no…or at least make it conditional. His parents said, “Yes.” Awesome.


UPDATE: Just realized I didn’t post a link to the blog. Rookie mistake.


One thought on “The Kid in the Tent {blogs that inspire}

  1. […] I’ve mentioned in a previous post, LRC of the Kid In A Tent Blog has been a great source of motivation for myself and my […]

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